Love Stained Heart (lvstndhrt) wrote,
Love Stained Heart

Gothic Revival Cottage

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I haven't uploaded any lots before so forgive me if I've done something wrong. The package file may contain objects that aren't supposed to be shared so apologies in advance to any creator's TOU I may have violated. There is just way too much CC to keep track of. The lot you download won't be exactly as you see it in these pictures as not all content was uploaded with it. Please note that the lot was also modified to have a 2 click foundation. This does create some issues with strays getting stuck on the porch, but its easy enough to just delete them with moveobjects on. I hope you enjoy! This is one of the first houses I built for my BACC and it is currently where Bay and Corey Swafford live. I used a floor plan to build it and I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. If this all works out I may be inclined to upload more lots to share.

Upstairs Bathroom.

Master Bedroom.

Dining/Living area.

Main entrance.

Please use clean installer. I tried to remove as much unneeded CC as possible, but just be safe!
Tags: download, lots:residential, sims 2
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