Well its been awhile since I've had to re-install the sims. Its kind of funny because I still remember parts of the registry codes. There is a good reason for re-installing though. I now have a 240gb SSD. WOO!! No more 10 minute loading times. My computer itself boots up in 40 seconds. I am a happy clam.

ETA: It takes ~3 mins to load my game into the neighbourhood. Now I don't have enough time to eat a 5 course meal while it loads. :p

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I just spent yesterday and this morning here and sorting out which defaults I wanted and sorting out conflicting files. There are so many great things there, but I started to wonder if it would have been easier to just hide all the maxis clothes I despise and just download the CC outfits and townified them all. Too late now, all is done and conflict free I hope. I also got some ideas of defaults I might make, and it reminded me of some I already made and didn't share. I hate taking preview pictures, so that is the main reason some of them didn't get posted here. Maybe if I find the energy I'll share the rest of what I have and make some more.

And for some reason the LJ post entry page layout is fubar'd right now, bah.

Tis that time of the year...

I have two more updates for Sterling Falls left of my buffer. Its currently too nice to be sitting around inside on the computer so I'm going to hold off posting them for a little bit. I wont wait so long that I forget what happened and why I took the shots I did though. I might consider gaming at night, but usually after dinner I'm ready to wind down with a movie or something. Otherwise I won't be playing again until the next rainy day (in Southern B.C. this doesn't happen very often).

To make this post a little less boring have a picture of a ruby-crowned kinglet. :)


I've had this idea since Sims 2 was first released, but I had no clue about making mods or meshes or anything. Now that I've made some stuff and used milkshape I figured I might give it a go. I'm having some weird problems though and I need to sort them out before I can share. Basically the actual seat part disappears and just the lid remains and it spins and sparks in the air instead of sitting on the ground. I know there are two other mods like this with an anvil and a piano. I've taken a look at them, but don't really like how they are made. I'd rather just replace the gmdc for the satellite and the texture to keep the package size small. Once I figure it out I will share the completed file. I just thought some of you might get a kick out of it. Also if anyone has a clue about fixing it I wouldn't mind some pointers. :)
Sterling Falls Plane Crash

Thoughts about Sterling Falls...

I was just wondering, since the little community is growing at a nice pace, if you guys would want me to post a "previously on" sort of thing on each of the posts. I know when you're reading someone's legacy or BaCC sometimes the sims all tend to blend together and sometimes you forget things. I sometimes forget my own sims names, so I know how confusing it can get. Especially if you're reading multiple BaCCs/Legacies. I am keeping a regular update pace, but it obviously won't always be like this. So if you guys want a little blurb about the previous week just let me know, I don't mind doing the extra work. :)

Ok, ranting over. Have a great day!

Screen Capture

I'm going to try a different screen capture program called Lightscreen. Fraps seems to have a delay when I screen capture since getting my new video card. Not sure what the issue there is, so I'm going to see if the problem still exists with this program as well. I'll let you guys know what I think of it. :)

ETA: Looks like Lightscreen is like Gadwin and would require me to run in compatibility mode. Too annoying. I also tried several other programs and they're all crap from what I've seen. Most of them work like gadwin and others I couldn't get to work at all. Guess I'll stick with Fraps, I just have to remember to wait a second before moving the mouse so my screenshots don't get fucked up. :(
Lightning Strike

I don't need sim secret to say this...

I'm sure some of these legacies and BACC entries out there are really good and entertaining and what not. But when I see a picture that has had the shit edited out of it I just can't even force myself to click on the cut to try and read it. Its the sims people, please let it alone already. It doesn't need to be crazily sharpened or have some other effect done to it. It just makes things look crappy and uninviting. Just saying!

Back in business!

My video card came in today and after some frustration. I thought I was going to have to buy a new power supply too because the video card requires 2 PCI-E connections and I only have one cable. I finally got it working with a nifty little adapter. Yay! Banshee (what I named my desktop computer) is finally back in business. I'm currently downloading my free racing game (Dirt3) on steam and now I have a bunch of sims sites to check out for things I've missed the last few days.